Tai Chi Classes

Overview of Weekly Classes

Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), simply put, is Qi Gong whose traditional purpose is for self-defense as well as self-development. Presently our Tai Chi classes focus on the healing-balancing aspects of the art - the martial aspects are explained but not practiced on each other. Thus emphasis is placed on developing a self-practice of Tai Chi for health & well-being; to gather & direct Qi within your body; and learn basic aspects of this martial art form. Beginners and advanced students alike will benefit from practicing inner work combined with graceful informed martial movements. All Tai Chi classes will include Qi Gong practices.
Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi

Beginners: 44 movements, first section of the 108 movement form.  Experience the seamless, fluid movements of this water form of Tai Chi.  Emphasis on principles and the inner, or invisible aspects of the art to increase the student's experience of Qi.  A transcendent form native to the Shanghai area of China and brought to the United States by William (Kuo Pao) Ting. For the serious student, advanced workshops are also available with Master Ting periodically at our location in Middlesex and also Master Ting's studio in Mt. Laurel, NJ (Rancocas Woods). 

Refer to www.SilverTigerTaiChi.com for more class/seminar information at Master Ting's studio.
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Sun Tai Chi

Learn an easy, yet effective, Tai Chi form which combines Qi Gong with a number of self-defense forms. This is Dr. Paul Lam's adaptation, especially for those with joint pain or stiffness. Easy and quick to learn; comfortable to do - with all the health benefits of Tai Chi, and rich in depth.

Each session has three parts:
•Warm-up (gentle Qi Gong and exercise to loosen joints and improve Qi circulation)
•Sun Style Form*
•Cool-down (gentle movements to end the session)

*The form consists of one or more movements strung together in a series of gentle movements performed sequentially in a continuous manner - as if all were the same movement from beginning to end. Breath and mind are very peaceful during these movements. This combination of body, mind, and breath is the regulating core for all the Tai Chi benefits. The form is taught in a number of sequences and can be learned as 6, 12, 24 (Patty Pagano) or 73 movements (Brian Coffey). Seek the level with which you are comfortable as a Beginner or Beyond Beginner.

Smooth, continuous, unified movements encourage your body to move more simply, effectively, & effortlessly. Tensions melt. The mind’s awareness changes… Expect improved strength, flexibility, and balance. Enjoy inner stillness and peace that you can apply to everyday life.

Beginners will learn and practice a basic 12 movement Tai Chi form based on the Sun style that is easy, yet rich enough to satisfy repeat students. More advanced students will enjoy the structure principles that will take them deeper into the richness of learning and experiencing Tai Chi . In addition, Qi Gong – an ancient practice which cultivates one’s Qi (energy) – will be used as a vehicle to build individual awareness of the vital life force to enhance Tai Chi practice. (This course is similar to the Sun Style session taught previously at the Watchung Regional High School Adult Education School). [As students' skills progress, more movements will be added to the form.]

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