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Private Appointments

To be comfortable and healthy, the vital life force – Qi (energy) – needs to circulate in a balanced way. Discomfort and disease, according to Classical and Traditional Chinese Medical theory, stem from an energy out-of-balance condition. We address this condition in our Qi Gong Healing Practice at our Warren, NJ location. Come visit and experience the benefits of Qi Gong! Learn how you can help balance your own energy to promote your own well-being!
Qi Healing Typical Session:
A typical session includes energy assessment; application of external Qi for balancing; and instruction in Qi Gong exercises and/or meditations for your specific energy imbalance. Either or both Fran & Brian see you in a session. We conduct these sessions in a conversational mode so that you know what we're doing and why. If you prefer to be seen by either Fran or Brian alone, for whatever your reason, we will honor that and be glad to arrange that if you wish.
Fran sees patients for private appointments at her office at 67 Mountain Boulevard in Warrren, NJ. Acupuncture is another effective and safe healing art from China. Applications include pain and many chronic conditions, women's health, men's health, and much more. Acupuncture is based on the same theories of balancing and correcting Qi in the human body. In a quiet and restful setting, hair-thin needles are placed at acupoints on specific meridians to direct the energy. Patients commonly describe the experience as deeply relaxing.  Each patient receives  instruction  in Qi Gong self practices that expedite healing for their particular imbalance.

Call (908) 647-1563 or fill out the form below to make an Appointment or if you have a question!

Community (aka Open Room) Acupuncture will be on-going every Thursday 2pm-8pm: Please feel free to explore this relatively new, very affordable way to access acupuncture for your aches and pains, health issues and the amazing relaxation results. Or maybe just to give it a try out of curiosity.  Expect to find 4 tables set up in the main room and acupuncturist Michael Gonzales at your service.  Rates for a 30 minute session--sliding scale $25-$60, with the patient deciding.

Community acupuncture reservations for fixed appointment times are accepted up to 8pm Wednesday evening by calling Michael at 908-392-3468.  If you’re not sure, just drop in.  Since we’re newly starting up, you’re likely to be accommodated Thursday without an appointment. ​  


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