Qi Gong Routines


In a Qi Gong class for self-health, you will learn sound Qi Gong methods to produce the relaxation, peace, and inner quiet that allow your body to heal itself naturally. Qi Gong techniques use Mind, Body, and Breath in a variety of ways to encourage Qi balance and circulation throughout every cell of your entire body.

“Qi" is the Chinese word that defines the energy of being.  All of nature pulsates with it.  Human beings, animals, fish, birds and insects along with all the flowers, trees, mountains and seas of the earth manifest Qi.  The elements of heaven, thunder, lightning, wind and fire share Qi.  It is the common language of the universe, uniting and binding all things together. 

“Qigong” means the study and practice of accumulating Qi, balancing Qi, and coordinating the flow of Qi to maintain health and well-being. The practice of Qi Gong can result in an increased sense of awareness, improved posture, balance, and inner peace. A little known facet of Qigong is the ability to activate “acupoints” in the mind – without physically touching them with anything but the mind’s awareness and focus!   By learning and practicing Qigong you can learn to deal with any emotion (anger, anxiety, grief, etc.) in an “energy” way. There are thousands of Qi Gong practices. In general there are two categories: Quiescent & Dynamic. The first is characterized by little-to-no movement and is quite meditative; the latter is characterized by movement.  A particular sub-category to dynamic Qi Gong would be termed Tai Chi Qi Gong. In this type of dynamic Qi Gong, all movements are done using Tai Chi Principles with unity of movement.
Wu Ji Qigong & more (...to maintain your health & well-being)
Fran, Brian and Patty have been authorized to teach Wu Ji Qi Gong and Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi by United States foremost instructor of Wu Ji forms, Master William Ting, Silver Tiger Tai Chi Studio.  What a great honor! Please refer to Master Ting's Website:  www.SilverTigerTaiChi.com for information about his  Wu Ji Tai Chi and Wu Ji Qi Gong offerings.

Wu Ji Qigong

An excellent holistic practice of single repetitive movements, this Tai Chi Qi Gong forms the foundation for this course of study.  It is a very comfortable and easy way to begin to increase your body-mind awareness. Learn the 15 Wu Ji Qigong routine movements that will be demonstrated and practiced during the course. These slow, repetitive movements are easy to remember, encouraging the swift development of unity and fluidity in your body.  Examine the processes that create imbalance in your body alignment and Qi - plus methods to correct and release these imbalances. Learning these principles of movement and alignment can lead to a greater understanding of the relationship between your thoughts and your awareness, and to ways for you to experience inner peace as well as improved health.

We will gradually learn the 14 movements and 2 standing meditations of this Foundation form. The alignment and connection to heaven and earth is sublime.  Students may start at any time, as we will focus on one movement each day, as well as performing the form. Beautiful on its own, it is also an excellent preparation for any style of tai chi.

Together, we will probe the visible and invisible aspects of stillness and movement, and play with the qualities of spontaneity and the space between stimulus and response--ways to experience opening to the peace of the universe. Fran Maher, Brian Coffey and Patty Pagano are authorized teachers for Silver Tiger Tai Chi Studio.

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Swimming Dragon Qigong
Qi Gong for Healing introduces the beautiful Swimming Dragon Health Exercise to Central NJ.
This form, refined by Dr. Tzu Kuo Shih in his book and DVD of the same name, will be taught by teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine Patricia Pagano.  Classical refers to branches of healing that pre-date Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These time honored methods have provided benefits for millions of people over eons of time.  Known collectively as Clinical Qi Gong, they focus on how each individual can improve their health with still and moving meditations. For example, Swimming Dragon is known for promoting weight loss with or without dieting, while benefiting the skin, spine, and internal organs.

Although these practices are available as books and DVDs, learning with a teacher provides a three dimensional model plus feedback and corrections that make the student’s movements more comfortable and productive.

The first four one-hour weekly sessions include the basic form ($60 for all 4, or $20 drop-in).  Follow-up practice sessions will be available. 
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Qi Gong Series
This stellar on-going series presents different aspects and applications of Qi Gong. Take one of the sections or take all four.


1. Fundamentals of Qi Gong

Well-Being, Balance, & Inner Peace. How to apply Classical Chinese Medicine to your life. What comes to mind when you think of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Although you may think of acupuncture, herbs and acupressure, actually, Qi Gong provides excellent methods that you can do for yourself – in your own home, at work, on a trip -anytime, anywhere. Discover the three most powerful branches of ancient Classical Chinese Medicine, often left out of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn self-help practices that no one can do for you! Explore these concepts and experience techniques to improve your health and peace of mind. In a two hour class people can experience about three Qi Gong activities:
•"Transition" Qi Gong exercise (from the pace of ordinary life to the peace of this Qi Gong class);
•Further exploration of Qi Gong (e.g., an experience of Qi; discussion, or helpful points to meditate upon); and then
•A guided Qi Gong meditation gently brings the session to a close. (With practice, after awhile, you will be able to do these guided meditations for yourself.)


The discussion content, movement, and still practices are a spontaneous selection in the moment based upon the particular group of people on this particular day. Two hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Cost: TBA

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2.  Qi Gong and Your Eyes

Helpful exercises for the relaxation and health of this important aspect of ourselves.  Three weeks provides lots of time to practice and learn new ways to think about and care for your vision.  Two hour class for 3 consecutive weeks.

Cost: $72

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3.  Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong

This Qi Gong was developed by Jin-Xiang Zhao (Beijing, China) and originally taught to a group of nine people (most of whom were seriously, some terminally, ill). All of these students regained excellent health and became the core of the first group of teachers of Soaring Crane Qigong. Since its start in 1979 many millions of people throughout the world have felt the benefits of this Qigong. Brian learned from Master Zhao.

You will learn five Qigong routines and, an optional, Standing Meditation. Simple, easy-to-learn movements and mindful focus encourage the cleaning and revitalizing of the energy pathways (meridians and channels); help the body strengthen the immune system; and provide a method to experience Qi quickly. Two items may be useful to you for Soaring Crane study and practice:
      1) Book written by Master Zhao describing Chinese Soaring Crane Qi Gong (available from the web), and
      2) Audio CD or tape, included with course tuition, that guides you through each of the 5 routines and assists you in self-practice between sessions and after class to help you become proficient with the routines.

As part of this series, Soaring Crane will be taught in 6 sessions (2 hrs each), one session per week. One routine is taught each week for six weeks; a review of previously learned routines is conducted each week to help re-enforce learning. If class participants are ready, then the Standing Meditation will be taught in subsequent sessions. (Students will also learn a relaxation technique during one of the sessions.)

Cost: $144 (six sessions)

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Please note: this course is also taught in a 10-part and weekend format.  Standing Meditation Classes can also be scheduled on request.  Contact  us for more information.

4.  Qi Gong for Allergy Relief

Bothered by allergies? You might find these three Qi Gong routines helpful in working with your Wei Qi -- others have; one focuses on the allergic reaction/symptoms, the other two balance your energy. In addition, we will explore ways to address food sensitivities. Class length is 2 hours. This class will be taught over 3 sessions.   Once learned, these can be completed in about half an hour at home and can be repeated as symptoms may occur.  This course will be scheduled as interest and season dictates.

Cost: $72

Next Offering: See Class Schedule, also available upon request by 3 or more people.
Qi Gong Remedies Workshop
Qi Gong Remedies are gentle techniques of Classical Chinese Medicine that people practice for the improvement of their own health. Some include movement, some are based on stillness. Expect to relax deeply and pleasurably while you are rebalancing your body -- functions, fluids, and cellular communications. Bring body, mind, and breath to class! Learn new (really old) ways of using them in combination to produce these remedies. We will discuss remedies for common ailments and discomforts in the context of Qi Gong.

Cost: $60

Current Offering: Call to Arrange. 1 day course, 10am-12noon, 1-4pm.