Guest Presenters

DO NOT MISS one of our most popular guest presenters!

Guest Presenter William Ting

Master William Ting, of Silver Tiger Tai Qi, brings us his next presentation of principles and applications on Saturday, September 27, 2:30-6PM. 
To register, please make checks for $95 payable to William Ting and bring them to Brian or Fran or mail to 7 Flintlock Drive, Warren NJ 07059. ($110 at the door.)

Basic Principles & Application Workshop

Tai Chi Applications
Principles of Alignment & Movement

Enjoy a visit to Applications: the other half of Tai Chi

Under the gentle guidance of Master Teacher William Ting, explore aspects of your own balance and movement and discover abilities you never knew you had!

There are always places to go and work to do and fun to be had! As we engage in these, we are using our muscles to walk, to lift, to push, to reach. And we are always in a perpetual play with balance, our relationship to gravity. Our every movement is accountable in some way to gravity. Not only do physical aspects, such as posture changes and weight shifts help us to control balance, but the non-physical aspects of energy flow, intensity, and momentum influence our alignment and movement as well.

Whether you are bending over to pull up your sox, pushing the refrigerator, or having your height measured at the Doctor’s office, dancing… or “demolishing” your opponent in your martial arts practice, the principles of alignment and movement can improve your posture changes, weight shifts, as well as your energy flow, intensity, and momentum.

The “principles” come from generations of in-depth studies of Tai Chi, where focus is on the basics of alignment and movement that use the body in the way it was designed for optimum development, effectiveness, ease of function, and efficiency of movement.

Come if you are student of moving meditations, martial arts, sports. Come if you are none of those, but you find you are getting a little stiff, getting injuries easily, experiencing less speed and stamina.

Principles Of Alignment includes working with Qi, employing the spiraling motion that relaxes muscles, opens joints, and unifies the body, thus allowing not only the accumulation of energy, but also the ability for energy to flow. If the body is more relaxed and flexible, then it will be more responsive and better able to meet the situations of everyday life.

Because we are working together in the present, as we find ourselves now, this course is always fresh and new, whether you're taking it for the 20th or for the first time.

Questions? Call Fran and Brian, 908-647-1563

Cost: $95

Reserve early to ensure your place.

"It is one thing to know how to do something, but to do it well, you must know why." -Master William Ting