Clinical Qi Gong Seminars

We offer:

•Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop

•Qi Therapy Seminar/Workshop

We teach these intensive courses on the weekends mainly for those of you who can't spare a week, or more, away from work. The Qi Healing
Seminar/Workshop is taught on consecutive weekends. The Qi Therapy Seminar/Workshop is also taught on weekends; however, these weekends are not necessarily consecutive, allowing more time for practice between weekend sessions (see schedule).
The timing for each weekend training begins Friday evening (5:30-9:30pm) and continues Saturday and Sunday (9am-5pm). 

Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop

The primary objective is that you will be able to assess and balance another's Qi at course end. To accomplish this, most of the first 3-4 days of the two weekend course focus on your energy vessel so that you are better equipped in developing skills to work in another's energy field. The remainder of the course focuses on how to assess, adjust, and balance the Qi of another and to verify that change. You will learn and practice special Qi Gong meditations and movements. This is a very special class sharing ancient, effective Qi Gong techniques to produce results in just 6 short days of class!

More specifically, this course is designed to transmit, from the heart, core teachings of many Masters. Students learn important basics of Qi Gong self-cultivation and how to help others with Qi Healing. 


•Five Hearts, Six Keys, and Four Doors on how to be a successful student of Qi Gong and Qi Healing

•Qi Gong Self-Cultivating techniques to attract, gather, store, balance, cleanse, and use Qi

•Special Quiescent (meditation) Qi Gong and Dynamic (movement) Qi Gong

•Open and practice the Microcosmic Orbit (Small Heavenly Circle)

•How to assess and locate imbalances in another's Qi field by sensing Qi with your palms. (Also learn techniques on how to develop your ability to see Qi)

•Learn how to correct local imbalances and how to effect a whole body Qi Healing & Balancing

•Learn how and when to emit Qi; to remove Qi blockages; and to effect a change in temperature in the Qi field

•Allow your own special functions to develop

Participants -  This remarkable, intensive course is for you if you are:

•One who wants to improve their own level of Qi Gong practice and cultivation

•Medical Staff -- MD, RN, PT, EMT, etc. who wish to add energy modalities to your present skills

•Acupuncturist who wants to add the dimension of Classical Chinese Medicine and direct Qi experience to benefit your skills with your patients and yourself. NB: Meet your NCCAOM continuing education requirements
for 30 PDAs with this course

•Body Worker (Massage Therapist, Shiatsu, etc) seeking to expand your practice with skilled use of Eastern energy techniques

•Someone already working with Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Shiatsu, Polarity, Cranial Sacral, or other energy modalities to expand your ability to help others

•Person responsible for the health of your family, congregation, or community

Prerequisite: No prior Qi Gong experience required. Come with an open Heart and open Mind

Time Frame: 2 Consecutive weekends (Friday evening (5:30-9:30pm) and continues all day Saturday and Sunday (9am - 5pm)

Continuing Education: 30 PDAs (Professional Development Activities) NCCAOM 

Cost: $1000 ($850 if registered with $50 deposit paid at
least 30 days prior to class)

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Qi Therapy Seminar/Workshop

Whether you are practicing your Qi Healing or not, this course will help to provide a deeper understanding and experience of Qi Gong and give you more insight into Classical Chinese Medicine practices. There are thousands of Qi Gong practices. This course focuses on how to select, recommend, and teach the correct remedial Qi Gong practice(s) to speed recovery from specific conditions (energy imbalances). You will learn how to select and use principles and theory of Classical Chinese Medicine, acupoints, and Qi Gong practices for yourself and to teach your clients.

Following is a quick thumbnail sketch of the course content:
Deeper explanation about Qi Gong & Qi Healing and why/how they work.

More detail about the theory and applications of Classical Chinese Medicine as they pertain to Qi Healing (Yin/Yang, Qi/Blood, Jing/Qi/Shen, Five Elements, Zang-Fu Organs, Regular & Extraordinary Meridians)

More detail & experience with the 3 Regulations of Qi Gong - Body, Breath, & Mind
Precise location & use of 10 categories of points on each of 12 meridians
Experience with select acupoints and meridians to prepare you to do the Macrocosmic Orbit (Large Heavenly Circle)
Provide you with more advanced Self-Cultivation Qi Gong movements
What to recommend to those who come to you for Qi Healing so that they may do Qi Gong to help keep their own Qi balance - in some circles this "category" of Qi Gong is called Clinical or Medical Qi Gong.
A Qi Gong Therapist Certification will be issued to those who successfully complete the take home written test.

Prerequisite: Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop

Time Frame: 3 Non-Consecutive weekends (Friday evening (5:30-9:30pm) and continues all day Saturday and Sunday (9am - 5pm)

Continuing Education: 50 PDAs (Professional Development Activities) NCCAOM.

Cost: $1500 ($1350 if registered with $50 deposit paid at least 30 days prior to class)

Next Offering: See Class Schedule