SEPTEMBER Newsletter/schedule 2017

September 11-15--FREE Welcome Week 
Hours 9:30 am to 7pm Monday through Thursday, 9:30am to 4pm Friday.

Observe ongoing classes or try any new class for free.  
Ask the teachers your questions about the Tai Chi and Qi Gong forms. 
Free--Treat yourself to a therapeutic chair massage (Sept 12, 1-5pm and Sept 14, 3-7pm). 
Free--Sample a Qi Healing. 
The practitioners and therapists are here to answer your questions about their methods 
Find out about private lessons and the clinical Qi Healing seminars.

September 15-17 and 22-24 Qi Healer Intensive Seminar
Learn how to perform clinical Qi Gong practices to heal yourself and others.
Friday evenings 5:30-9, Saturdays & Sundays 9-5
Think about taking this comprehensive course with a friend or family member --
it will benefit both of you for a lifetime.  
Light buffet served 4:30-5:30. New students $850. 30 presentation CEU’s/NCCAOM

Janet Oussety and Joe Zakszewski will also present the Qi Healer Intensive Seminar
this Fall, weekends of Oct 20-22. 27-29. Call 908-635-1822 for more information


 ▪Fran and Brian are looking forward to resuming their regular teaching schedule September 11, with 10-week sessions ending November 17. $120, or $15 drop-in. 908-647-1563

 ▪Patty Pagano is teaching beginner Sun Style Tai Chi Mondays at 11am, plus startup classes for Swimming Dragon Monday Sept 11 at Noon and Wednesday evening September 6 at 7:30. Don’t forget her Qi Healer practice session Thursday evening, September 28. 908-392-1313

▪ Michael Gonzales has expanded his Thurs. acupuncture schedule.  Call him at 908-392-3468.

▪ Qi Healing appointments are available from Qi Healer/Therapists.  Do we have a Qi healer who wants to field those calls?

▪ Karen has openings for massage therapy and will arrange times for your convenience.  Call her at 732-489-0478. 

▪ Janet Oussatty offers her Tai Chi Chih class Monday evenings starting Sept. 25. 6 sessions, $75. Call her at 908-635-1822.



Wuji Tai Chi, Beginner 2 - 9:30am. For the more experienced Wuji Tai Chi practitioner. Instructor Fran Maher.

Beginner Sun Style Tai Chi class, Mondays at 11 am.  Great time to try Tai Chi on for size. Instructor Patty Pagano, 908-392-1313

Swimming Dragon Qi Gong - Noon -1. Patty’s 4-week Swimming Dragon classes begin again Monday September 11.  See also Wednesdays at 7:30, below.  Easy to learn, beautiful gentle movements will leave you feeling refreshed and calm.  4 classes/$50. Patty Pagano, Instructor, 908-392-1313.

Tai Chi Chih with Dr. Janet Oussaty, Instructor. For more information contact Janet at 908-635-1822 or joussaty@comcast.net.

Wuji Tai Chi, Beginner 1 at 7pm. Beginner 2 at 8pm.  For the student new to Tai Chi or new to the Wuji form.  Instructor Fran Maher.


Wuji Tai Chi Beginner 1 - 10:30-11:30.  Beginner 2, 11:30-12:30. Beginning moves of this beautiful flowing “water” form.  Intro to the form, alignment, and principles of movement. Instructor Fran Maher

Private Tai Chi & Qi Gong Coaching, Brian Coffey. By appointment - Private Classes, any level. Call 908-647-1563 to schedule. $60/hr. Tuesday afternoon and early evening.

Intermediate Tai Chi forms - 7:30-8.30pm.  An exploration of more advanced techniques, Instructor Brian Coffey.


Qi Gong and Tai Chi Beginner 2Sun Style 73 form - 12:30-1:30pm, Instructor Brian Coffey.                                                                                                                      
Wuji Qi Gong and Tai Chi- Open to different levels. 1:30-2:30. Practicing and exploring the principles of Wuji Qi Gong and Wuji Jing Gong Tai Chi, first section.  Instructor Brian Coffey.

Wuji Qi Gong all levels--5:30pm. A full hour exploring the 16 peaceful, relaxing Qi Gong movement methods as developed by Master William Ting.  No previous experience required, Instructor Fran Maher.

Wuji Tai Chi Intermediate - 6:30-7:30pm.  A beautiful  flowing “water” form.  Emphasis on the moves, alignment, principles of movement, and an exploration of why. 108 form. Instructor Fran Maher. 

Swimming Dragon Qi Gong –Wednesday, 7:30pm. Starts Sept 6. (For those who are not available daytimes, same class as described on Monday).  $50 for 4 evening classes. Patty Pagano, instructor 908-392-1313


Community Acupuncture with Michael Gonzales – sessions from 4:30 -7pm.  A time to address your pain or stress with the experience of an affordable, healing, and relaxing acupuncture session.  Call Michael Gonzales at 908-392-3468 to reserve your time of choice, or drop by to see if there’s a table available.  Sliding scale, minimum $25


Advanced Sun Style Tai Chi – 10-11am. Practice and improvement for those who are already familiar with the 73 style, Instructor Brian Coffey.

Swimming Dragon practice –11:30-12:30. Pleasant and healthful, on-going  get-together for those who already know the movements. $50/mo. Instructor  Patty Pagano.

Other locations-- Brian teaches weekly on-going Tai Chi classes Monday mornings at Grace Church in Madison.

Brian’s other regularly scheduled class locations include the Franklin Twp. Senior Center. (Contact Shonda Sanchez at 732-873-1991.), and The Adult School in Chatham www.ssreg.com/Chatham  These classes resume in September.