October 2019 Newsletter 


OPEN HOUSE--OCTOBER 26. Noon-4pm, Classes and Healing

Enjoy the company of teachers, therapists, healers, students, clients, and all the folks who want to learn and experience more.

Become a Qi Healer! Let these teachers show you how.

Seats still available the Sept 27 Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop CALL NOW!!

To register or for more information call Janet at 908 635-1822

Sept 27-29 and Oct 4-6, Janet Oussaty and Joe Zakszewski

Next chance not until December 6-8 and-13-15, Lead Instructor Patty Pagano

or January 3-5 and 10-12, Lead Instructor Patty Pagano

Call Patty at 908-392-1313

Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop is Fridays 5:30-9, Sat/Sun 9-5. $850.,

Become a Qi Therapist!

Taking the September, December or January Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop will qualify you for the three-week-end Qi Therapy Course. Qi Therapy covers methods for selecting and recommending appropriate medical Qi Gong principles and practices to an individual to enhance their recovery.

Instructors Fran Maher and Brian Coffey. 

Three non-consecutive weekends: January 17-19, January 31-Feb 2, and February 21-23.

Advanced methods of applying Principles of Chinese Medicine will deepen your knowledge and skills. Includes Three Treasures,
Five Elements, Horary Clock, Mind-Sensing, Significant Acupoints, and more.

Prior Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop is a prerequisite for the Qi Therapy Course.

(Please note dates for Qi Healing course above and plan ahead.)

Both Qi Healing Seminar and Qi Therapy Courses are recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for Professional Development Credit PDA/CEU’s. Certificates are provided.

Call for private appointments: Karen (732-589-0478) for professional licensed massage,

Fran for acupuncture/Qi Healing, or to locate other experienced Qi Healers and teachers.​

Schedule of weekly classes beginning October 1

Note: new Swimming Dragon classes begin October 7 & 9

$60 due first week of each month (4 classes, some months 5 or 3), $20 drop in.


9:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

11am—Tai Chi (Sun style) beginner—Patty

12noon--Swimming Dragon Qi Gong beginner—Patty, call to reserve

7pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Fran

8pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran


10:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Fran

11:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

 1:30pm—Tai Chi Chih mixed levels —call Janet to reserve

 5:30pm—Wuji in Tai Chi & Qi Gong—Brian

 6:30pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Patty


10:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner Patty       

1pm—Wuji in Tai Chi and Qi Gong Practices—Brian

6:30pm Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

7:30pm—Swimming Dragon Qi Gong beginner—Patty, call to reserve


6:30pm—Qi Healer Practice, Sept 26 & Oct 24--Patty​


 11:30 am—Swimming Dragon Qi Gong—Patty, call to reserve

 12:30pm—Qi Gong (Wuji Jing Gong) all levels—Patty


Teacher phone numbers and email addresses: 

PattyQiGongforHealing@gmail.com or 908-392-1313

Janet joussaty@comcast.net or 908-635-1822

Fran or Brian QiGongforHealing.com or 908-647-1563

Ask Brian about his classes in Franklin, Madison, and Chatham
Ask Brian about his classes in Franklin, Madison and Chatham

​1275 Bound Brook Road, Second Floor, Suite 1, Middlesex, NJ 08854