November 2019 Newsletter 


Sit back and relax before you have to kick off the Holidays!

Sunday Dec 1      Get-Together 2-6pm,

 Refreshments, extended “lounge-time,” 4:30 Performance

Enjoy the company of teachers, therapists, healers, students, clients, family, friends, and all the folks who appreciate the beneficial effects of practicing the healing arts of China. 


Note: The opportunity is now. Take this course while it is still the most effective, safe and ACCESSIBLE “folk medicine,”--practiced for 10,000 years plus.

December 6-8 and-13-15, Instructors Patty Pagano and John Skeats

or January 3-5 and 10-12, Lead Instructor Patty Pagano

To register or for more information call Patty at 908-392-1313

Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop is Fridays 5:30-9, Sat/Sun 9-5. $850.

Become a Qi Therapist!

Taking the September, December or January Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop will qualify you for the three-week-end Qi Therapy Course. Qi Therapy covers methods for selecting and recommending appropriate medical Qi Gong principles and practices to an individual to enhance their recovery.

Three non-consecutive weekends: January 17-19, January 31-Feb 2, and February 21-23.

Advanced methods of applying Principles of Chinese Medicine will deepen your knowledge and skills. Includes Three Treasures, 
Five Elements, Horary Clock, Mind-Sensing, Significant Acupoints, and more.

Prior Qi Healing Seminar/Workshop is a prerequisite for the Qi Therapy Course.

 (Please note dates for Qi Healing course above and plan ahead.)

Instructors Fran Maher and Brian Coffey. 

Qi Therapist Seminar is Fridays 5:30-9, Sat/Sun 9-5. $1350.

Both Qi Healing Seminar and Qi Therapy Course are recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for Professional Development Credit PDA/CEU’s. Certificates are provided.

Call for private appointments: Karen (732-589-0478) for professional licensed massage, Fran for acupuncture/Qi Healing, or to locate other experienced Qi Healers and teachers.

Schedule of weekly classes beginning November 1

Note: new Swimming Dragon classes begin November 4 & 6

All December classes 1 through 21, classes resume January 6

$60 due first week of each month (4 classes, some months 5 or 3), $20 drop in.

9:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

11am—Tai Chi (Sun style) beginner—Patty

12noon--Swimming Dragon Qi Gong beginner—Patty, call to reserve

7pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Fran

8pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

10:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Fran

11:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

1:30pm—Tai Chi Chih mixed levels —call Janet to reserve

5:30pm—Wuji in Tai Chi & Qi Gong—Brian

6:30pm—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Patty

10:30am—Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) beginner—Patty 

12noon—Tai Chi (Sun 73)—Brian    

1pm—Wuji in Tai Chi and Qi Gong Practices—Brian 

6:30pm--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong)—Fran

7:30pm—Swimming Dragon Qi Gong beginner—Patty, call to reserve

6:30pm—Qi Healer Practice, Nov 21 & Dec 19--Patty

11:30am—Swimming Dragon Qi Gong—Patty, call to reserve

12:30pm—Qi Gong (Wuji Jing Gong) all levels—Patty

Teacher phone numbers and email addresses:

PattyQiGongforHealing@gmail.com or 908-392-1313;

Janet- joussaty@comcast.net or 908-635-1822;

Fran or Brian QiGongforHealing.com or 908-647-1563.

Ask Brian about his classes in Franklin, Madison, and Chatham

1275 Bound Brook Road, Suite 1, Second Floor

Middlesex, NJ 08846