​Newsletter Qi Gong for Healing Center May 2019

New Location: Qi Gong for Healing Center       
1275 Bound Brook Road 

Suite 1, Second Floor

Middlesex, New Jersey 08846


Open House Sunday May 5, 11am-5pm--Help celebrate our new Center.
Qi Healings, Friends, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Bemer, Refreshments, teachers & therapists on site

Save the date: Become a Qi Healer! Seminar August 2-4 and 9-11 
Learn how to use this highly successful historic medical system for yourself & others. 
Fridays 5:30-9, Sat/Sun 9-5. $850. 30 CEU’s NCCAOM

Make private appointments for therapies and classes.

Weekly Classes


Payment due first week of each month $60 per month (usually 4 classes, sometimes 5 or 3) $20 drop in.

Schedule of weekly hour-long classes


​Beginner classes:

11am--Tai Chi (Sun style) (P)

12noon--Swimming Dragon (P)

7pm--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong (F))

 Intermediate classes:

9:30am--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (F)

8pm--Tai Chi(Wuji Jing Gong) (F)


Beginner classes:

​10:30am--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (F)

1:30pm--mixed levels  Tai Chi Chih (J))

6:30pm--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (P)*new

Intermediate classes:

11:30am--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (F)

5:30pm—Wuji in Tai Chi & Qi Gong (B)


Beginner classes:

10:30am--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (P)*new

1:30pm—Wuji in Tai Chi & Qi Gong (B)

​Intermediate classes:

12:30pm—Tai Chi Sun73 (B)


Beginner classes:

7:30pm--Qi Gong Swimming Dragon (P)

Intermediate classes:

​6:30pm--Tai Chi (Wuji Jing Gong) (F+)

6:30pm--Qi Healer Practice May 30 (P)


Beginner classes:

12:30pm--Qi Gong--(Wuji Jing Gong) (P)*new

Intermediate classes:
11:30pm--Qi Gong Swimming Dragon (P)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -  -
(P)=Patty; (J)=Janet; (F)=Fran; (B)=Brian

Teacher phone numbers and email addresses: Patty is casapagano@optonline.net, 908-392-1313;
Janet joussaty@comcast.net or 908-635-1822; Fran or Brian QiGongforHealing.com or 908-647-1563.
Ask Brian about his classes in Franklin, Madison, and Chatham