Dear Friends,

Here is something nice you can do for yourself. We learned this from Master Tzu Kuo Shih in 1995, along with a lot more amazing stuff.

This is how to achieve a self-made full-body massage in just a few minutes. (This the second-best way to have a massage almost as good as Karen’s. The first way is when you call Karen for an appointment.) All the Qi Healing Instructors, Qi Therapists, and Qi Healers already know this.

Put your right hand to your right ear, and your left hand to your left ear. Feel the nice shell at the top of the outside rim of the ear. Now bring your hands down to the softness of your earlobes.

Did you know that your ear is a hologram of the whole body? The image of the ear is an image of a fetus in the womb, head down.

Here we go…

Right hand for right ear; left hand for left ear

First: Fingers are on the top of the outside rim and thumbs are just inside the rim. Walk your fingers down the outside rim, squeezing ever so gently, fingers on the back of the ear, thumbs under the curved rim.

About half-way down, switch your fingers so fingers are inside the rim and thumbs are on the outside, squeezing gently all the way down to the earlobe, still squeezing softly.

This is to massage your bones, joints, and muscle. Do this 3 times.

Second: Now do the same movement, but starting with your thumbs in the deep hollow of the upper one third of the ear and your fingers on the back of your ear.

Next, switch your fingers so that your index finger is gently massaging inside the middle hollow of your ear, and your thumb is on the back of your ear. Continue by massaging the lower hollow.

This is to massage your internal organs. Do this 3 times.

Now, To finish…. Hold the top-most part of the ear and tug upward 9 times – always gently!

Hold the middle of the ear and tug outward, away from your head, 9 times.

Hold your earlobe and tug downwards 9 times.


Smile. Feel MORE smile.

See below for the class schedule :)

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Classes at Mountainview Park in Middlesex:
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