January 2021


Love and Joy come to you, and a lot of Qi too.

So Brian and I are sitting around home (where else?!) moping about our bad fortune to be born into these two centuries, and feeling sorry for ourselves and all the things and activities and connection to others and adventures we DON’T have right now. I mean, it had to happen sometime.

So, one of us thought a pleasant thought. And then remembered one of the many privileges we have enjoyed. And people we love... 

We got on a roll, and here’s our 2021 “count your blessings” list despite the covid limitations and losses.

We still have each other, good friends, and (even though far away) a loving family of grandchildren, daughters in law and sons. All our senses, (even if not all our sense). Zooms with a welcome “go to meeting” invitation. Of course our cell phones, to connect to them all. The necessities of life—by the grace of the fields and farmers, the network that distributes food, the men and women who keep the systems running—healthcare, utilities, life-giving water, the trees and the land all around us, a place to walk outdoors, Neighbors’ greetings, opportunities to learn, to dance in the living room, to write, to sing, and a warm place to lie down at night. Oh, and movies.

Happy New Year!!!

Love, Fran, Brian, and all at Qi Gong for Healing

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Patty Pagano at PattyQiGongforhealing@gmailcom or 908-302-1313

Patty’s virtual classes:

Moving your Qi for beginners - Monday 5pm or Thursday 1pm

Wuji Qi Gong beyond beginners - Monday 8pm or Thursday 10am

Swimming Dragon Practice - Tuesday 10am

Swimming Dragon Beginners - Five classes January 15-February 12 - Fridays 12-1pm 

Wuji Taichi - Saturday 9am

Karen Cheney, Licensed Massage Therapist 732-589-0478