July 2021

Tumultuous times—is that all there is? Spreading guns, violence, cruelty, Insults. Wars, small and large, crime. Is that all there is? Real and manufactured. Is it designed to titillate us? Aggravate us? Stimulate us? Anger us? Frighten us?

On the other hand...

What is it that flows beneath the surface so softly and quietly, benefitting all the creatures of the earth and the rhythms of nature itself. We do not talk about it much.

It doesn’t cause headlines. It is always available but not always used.

It is very large, a lot larger than the Distress.

It is KINDNESS. We give it to each other, to animals, plants, to friends new and old, we send cards, and give comforting words. We talk among each other. We smile to each other. We help each other, comfort each other, console one another. MUCH MORE than we harm each other. It is always there, but it doesn’t get much publicity.

What portion of your day is kindness? It really feels good to give and to get.

If you are spreading kindness, give yourself a great big hug. 


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