April 2021

​It's a spring thing!

Spring has sprung!

Before TV or pandemics.

Can you believe I was born before Television?

And partly because I lived in a remote area of the USA we did not get TV til I was in high school.

We had time to fiddle around. So what did we do in those days?

One thing that was perfectly developed then was the ability to daydream, much to our parents’ distress, who thought we were always daydreaming. Simple guidelines to day dreaming. Can be done any time, anywhere (same distress to parents). It is perfectly private. Yes, private! The subjects are endless. True daydreaming does not include worrying. It’s more like a large “what if….?” Albert Einstein probably invented it. Absolutely limitless.

To get daydreams started it can be helpful to watch movies in theaters as a jumping off point. Reading books was good, too. In fact, necessary, and probably, but not necessarily, related to school assignments. Reminder, the most interesting movies did not admit kids.

Another solitary pastime is doodling. Requires boring things going on in the background, a pencil/pen and anything that can be marked on. There are two kinds of doodling. It can be done semi-consciously, or completely unconsciously for more surprises. For example, you get on a long phone call that only requires a modicum of your attention. A perfect situation for doodling. Don’t limit yourself. The tactile facet of the exercise can be very pleasurable.

Doodling can be interrupted to say things like “umm,” or “really?” during the conversation or lecture. Be sure you are idly making random marks with your pencil or pen. The fun starts when the doodling or the task or call is finished

It is now time to examine the doodle for revelations. Is there a pattern? Can the doodle be extrapolated? Can you connect one doodle to another in a pleasant way? Does the doodling look like any of your relatives? Caution: Do not make this a Rorschach test

These activities produce very little EMF or other radiation effects, and they don’t interrupt you by a misspelling, or the complete disappearance of your document, etc., etc.

Reminder: We don’t need to be serious all the time.

Love, Fran

Seminar Updates-- Due to requests, we are repeating two popular seminars---

Root Cause: Emotions and Your Health. We started out last July calling this seminar Excess/Negative Emotions; Organs, Feelings, and the curious role of the subconscious, but the audience soon found its essential nature and shortened the name to Root Cause. Either way, it is all about how our emotions disturb our health and what to do about it. April 25, Sunday afternoon 1:30-3pm.. On line and live with Fran Maher and Patty Pagano. Please register with PattyQiGongforHealing@gmail.com, by April 22 at the latest. Tuition $125 payable to Patty Pagano at registration.

Your Healthy Lung (with its partner Large Intestine), and Understanding Inflammation.  Our beautiful Lung—this vital and complex organ that our very life depends on has many functions and connections and we’ll explore how to care for them and keep them healthy with a variety of simple methods. You will find some interesting information on what to do and what not to do for poop problems. We will also look at inflammation, what it is, and ways to limit it. May 16, Sunday afternoon 1:30-3pm. On line and live with Fran Maher and Patty Pagano. Please register with PattyQiGongforHealing@gmail.com, by May 13 at the latest. Tuition $125 payable to Patty Pagano at registration..

Love and Qi to all!

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Patty Pagano, PattyQiGongforHealing@gmail.com or 908-392-1313

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